“You Can Buy Anything in This World For Money”

Including children.

I wonder if they gave the birth mother a matching necklace.  Or maybe they gave her a basket full of bath products to pamper herself with while simmering in a deep tub of water so hot her skin turns a hue of fire brick red, the same color as her bruised and broken heart. Water so hot that sweat runs down her face and forehead, masking her tears.  Or perhaps they gave her a  teddy bear to snuggle on the nights her bones ache for her child…..errrrrmmm…their child.

So what is the appropriate gift to give the woman is undeserving of raising her own child because she doesn’t have enough____________ (insert: money, stuff, husband, etc.)? Apparently, an unenforceable post-adoption contact agreement is all the rage these days.

You can buy anything in this world for money.

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4 thoughts on ““You Can Buy Anything in This World For Money”

  1. Saw this commercial on Hulu last week and felt sick to my stomach. Every kiss begins with Kays? Right. Unfortunately, this is how most of our society views adoption. No one wants to think about the loss and connection that always occurs, instead let’s focus on the wealthy adopters who can afford jewelry and so,are entitled to a baby.

    • As one woman in a support group I belong to said, “Every kick (in the gut) begins with Kay.”

      You bring up a good point though – I so frequently read on adoptive parent groups about how expensive (and therefor unfair) it is to adopt a child. The folks in this commercial must have some serious money to be able to afford the $30K fees for a healthy white girl AND diamond jewelry. Or perhaps they used their $13,000+ refundable adoption tax credit to buy the necklace. (In a related thought, can you imagine what hell would break lose if that same $13,000+ were given to single expectant mothers as a “family preservation tax credit” instead?)

      • Oh, but we DO get a family preservation credit, silly! It’s called welfare though and obviously dooms our children to a life of poverty and neglect. I wonder if we called the adoption tax credit adopto-welfare if people would still be so gung ho about it. I think that’s a splendid experiment! For one year the government can call the adoption tax credit adopto-welfare and call welfare (snap benefits, WIC, etc.) a family preservation tax credit and let’s see how the tide turns. Eh, a girl can dream, right?

      • That. Would. Be. Awesome.

        Adoption Tax Credit becomes Adoption Welfare and SNAP/WIC etc., become Family Preservation Funds. I like that a lot.

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