Experiencing the Sharp Edges

“…in those moments when we courageously lie down on the icy couch of fear and allow ourselves to experience its sharp edges, we are carried into the love and awareness that is beyond the reach of fear.” [Tara Brach (2003). Radical Acceptance, p. 190]

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

Remember how back in July I told you I was going to be participating in a podcast discussion about adoption over on Feminist Mormon Housewives? Well, the session was recorded last month and I recently received word it will be published on their website in the next week or two.


Talk about leaning into fear and lying down on its icy couch.

The podcast will most likely be as difficult for you to hear as it was for me to record. I am also certain what I shared will raise a great number of questions and I want to remind you of the promise I made to you: I will answer every one of them, even the hard ones. You are worthy of the truth. You deserve nothing less.  It took a great deal of courage on your part to dare this greatly, to agree to have our shared story broadcast in such a public format. I will be forever grateful and in awe of your ability to see the greater good in bringing these hidden things to light, even though they touch a deep bruise in both of us.

With great love and awareness  –


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