On being “pro-justice”, not “anti-adoption”.

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

If you don’t know Daniel yet, you should. He writes stuff like:

“I think it is a misnomer to say “anti-adoption”. We should say pro-justice. The justice of knowing one’s origins, and having a valid birth certificate that reveals such origins. The justice of understanding how a system conspires on all levels to leverage children out of the arms of their mothers and away from their families. The justice of reunion. The justice of repatriation. ”

His voice is an important one, especially for transracial adoptees, like yourself. I am sorry I didn’t have a strong voice like his in my life two decades ago, but only those urging me to strip you of your rightful heritage and identity. I cannot undo what I did then, but I *can* spread Daniel’s words NOW, in the hopes that some other mother and daughter will be spared our joint fate.

Much love,


Daniel Drennan ElAwar

The following is a selection of comments I made on Eric Zorn’s blog at the Chicago Tribune. He makes reference to a separate article on the “new” anti-adoption movement.

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