Best (or worst?) Ever Search Term

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

Today, someone found these letters using the search terms, “scripture god prepares orphans for adoption.”


I am not sure what the searcher is looking for. I certainly hope they aren’t looking for scriptural support of a  God who destroys a family through death, disease, poverty, abuse, war, or famine, etc., simply to “prepare” a child for a couple who wants to “grow” their family via adoption.

That would be a cruel and petty God indeed. And guess what? No need to bring God into the equation. We humans are perfectly capable of deconstructing families all on our own, by hook or by crook or by ignorance and greed, without assistance from God.


4 thoughts on “Best (or worst?) Ever Search Term

    • It so revealing, isn’t it? Like I said, I don’t know what exactly they were looking for in their search – I certainly hope it’s more benign than the motive I assume – but I have been around the block enough times with those who feel religiously justified in their behavior to know I am probably right. Sadly. 😦

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