Of Attorneys, Doctors, and Big Pharma: Or in Other Words, I’m Back

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

I had to take a hiatus from writing for a bit, due to some….er….uh…well, legal matters in which I have become involved. However, I recently got the thumbs up to keep writing publicly as long as I don’t talk about specifics related to the case. Fair enough. I can handle that. I know you might be wondering what it’s all about, and that’s natural, but really – I can’t discuss the particulars here. Suffice it to say it has to do with a faulty medical device I received and is not related to any litigation about these letters, adoption, or anything else in my life. It’s all about hold big pharma responsible for their craptastic actions, that’s all.

It feels nice to know I can write again – well, at least in this format. I have some things to say about what’s happening in the world of adoption, but it will have to wait until after my doctor’s appointment this morning. I get to endure the 1.5 hour ONE-WAY drive to the doctor, I then “get” to have a camera put where cameras do not belong, and then drive the 1.5 hours home.* Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic way to spend the morning?

Take care –


*One of the draw backs to living minutes from the gorgeous Gulf coast waters here in my neck of the woods is there aren’t many specialists in the area of medicine that I need care from. I am SO grateful Dr. 1.5-Hours-Away is kind, thorough, and frankly, awesome. If it didn’t work out with him, it was going to mean a five-hour drive to the next closest doctor who might be able to help me.

17 thoughts on “Of Attorneys, Doctors, and Big Pharma: Or in Other Words, I’m Back

    • Thanks, Sara. It’s was a roller-coaster of a week, that’s for certain! I don’t know what this next week holds, either, but after what I have been through over the last three months, there isn’t much I am not prepared for.

  1. Lucky girl….lol
    I would think the Gulf would be teeming with doctors, 60 foot boats tied up in front of their McMansions. I know I’d rather be there – It’s getting COLD where I live.
    Hope everything works out in your favor!

    • LOL! Perhaps a little further south, down around the Tampa area, that is exactly what happens. Unfortunately, I live in Spring Break Capital, which means lots of sea-food joints, bars, and ER/Urgent care facilities, but very few specialists for non-civilians like me. The drive gives me the excuse to drive and think about life, though.

    • As well as can be expected at this point, which isn’t saying much. On the upside, the doc was incredibly nice and kind of cute, too. He looks like he is twelve-years old, though. He claims to be much older, but I don’t believe him!

    • Oh, Starr. A medical mess is exactly what this is. 😦 Good thing I hold the view that one of the most important thing we are on this earth for is to learn from our own experiences the good from the bad, because I am certainly doing a lot of learning lately. A LOT.

    • Thanks, maybe. The medical stuff I am facing is horrifically daunting, but honestly at this point, I am like, “Bring it!” I am strangely calm about what this next week holds – peaceful even. Ask me again Friday afternoon and I might have a different answer, though!

    • You are so kind! Life has been pretty overwhelming, what with this health stuff I am dealing with. This last fall nearly did me in, honestly. It was all I could do to wake up every morning and simply breathe. We’ll see what this new year brings.

      • I can relate in the health issues department. I hope things get worked out for you soon! Praying for strength and healing in whatever you may be facing! You went through some serious fire in the last 6 months. Hopefully with the new year comes peace and overwhelming joy! And OF COURSE more awesome adoption insight! 🙂

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