At the request of Jessalynn, I have removed the previous post for public consumption. I have not deleted it entirely, but it is now password protected.

I will explain the reasons why later this afternoon once I get a free moment from the life so many people accuse me of not having. Until then, please know that I apologized to Jessalynn for the tone of my comments and she has changed her profile.



P.S. I have closed the comments, removed the offending comments (about me or Jessalynn), and will not allow any more to be published. Enough already, OK?

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  1. I don’t think that you needed to apologize for the tone of your comments. I am glad that she changed her profile contents to acknowledge that her second daughter is not the first she is mother to.

    I am sorry that the weight of the LDS church fell on you like a ton of bricks. I value you, and your integrity, so very much.

  2. Let me correct that: the weight of the self-appointed LDS adoption police. There are very nice people in the church itself. You are one of them.

  3. I don’t think you need to apologize, either, but I respect your decision to do so. I respect and admire you , M. I am thankful Jessalynn changed her profile. I hope she realizes that we care about her and her children.

  4. I do not think you need to apologize to Jessalyn. She choose a public venue to state her perceptions, beliefs and choices. In turn, you responded using a public venue to voice your opinions, which last time I checked, were supported by the Constitution. I believe you were advocating for her daughter and every other child who needs & should be acknowledged by their parents, biological or otherwise.

    I admire you for taking down the post, given the perceived dialogue you had with Jessalyn along with her choice to change her post.

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