I Would Walk 500 Miles

Did you know most adoptees are adopted out within a 20 mile radius of where they were born? Try 8.6. Eight point six miles.

A deep shame rises in my face as I think of how the adoption anesthesia destroyed my ability to feel so I could attempt to carve out an existence a mere 8.6 miles from my daughter for all those years.  My heart wasn’t just broken, it was numb.

I am certain many (if not ALL) adoptive parents would applaud my “maturity” and my “self-control” for not “interfering” with “their” daughter. But it wasn’t maturity or self-control.

I was a dead woman walking, beyond feeling.

5 thoughts on “I Would Walk 500 Miles

  1. Okay, this poignant post got me to write a blog post of my own… for Adoption Awareness Month. I’ve got a hundred other things I need to be doing … but for the sake of said “awareness” …

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