The Lord Has Promised Good To Me

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

I certainly hope you heard Elder Uchtdorf’s talk last Saturday night. If you are wondering why I continue to stay active in this church, it is because of men like him.  I know it is a bit long, but take the time to listen to this man speak of what God really thinks about his daughters – you and I included.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “The Lord Has Promised Good To Me

  1. I was mostly agnostic, then mostly Diest God is real, just not interested in me. Then someone with more brain power and patients than I pointed out that mostly anything is a waist of time. He said, you either believe what Jesus said he was, and what he did, or you do not. Because if you are unsure, he is one messed up dude. He claimed he was God. He healed people. He drove demons out. He said he was going to be killed, and he let it happen. If he was not God, giving us the free gift of eternal life, then he was a nut job at best, and a very dangerous person at worst.

    So i decided to apply the same logic I always applied, and leaped toward the Love, the Light and the Word.

    God Rocks. All the Time.

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