What to Get the Woman Who Has Nothing (or at least far less than any of us)

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

A few days ago, a friend asked me for a favor. Knowing my love of all things sewing/quilting/knitting related, they asked me if I could make a gift for a woman who had just had twin girls. This new mother lives in a country that is hot, dry, and experiencing a drought unlike anything that has occurred in the last century. Her country is full of war, strife, and extreme famine.  While she is not displaced from her home, I don’t know much more about her situation or her access to food, water, or electricity.

I am trying to figure out what to make for her and her new little ones. I want it to be something that is useful, practical, but lovely, too. Whatever it is, I want it to be a blessing in their mama’s life, and not give her more work to do. Heaven knows she has enough to do, just trying to keep these new babies girls safe and alive.

I was thinking about making some soft and fluffy cloth diapers but diapers aren’t all that lovely (though they can be ridiculously adorable!).  Then I thought, maybe some sweet little dresses in a variety of sizes the girls can grow into over the next year or so (two of each, of course!!!) Or perhaps a light quilt for each of the girls? Or maybe all of the above? I have about seven weeks to pull this all together – the little girls will be 2 1/2 months old by the time these gifts reach them.

Oh how I wish you were here to help me make these decisions and help me with this project.  I have a feeling this opportunity would speak to your heart.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “What to Get the Woman Who Has Nothing (or at least far less than any of us)

  1. Tbh, I think the mother would appreciate anything you could send to her (although I am not sure how helpful diapers would be – toddlers tend to be in the phase of toilet-training).

    • The girls will be about 2 1/2 months old when these things get to them so they would still have some time to be in diapers (or whatever they use to cover little bums over there!). What do they use for little bums over there? Guess I need to go do some research, eh?

  2. Could you figure out how to make a double baby carrier? Double sling, or double snuggly, so she can carry both but still have her arms free?

    Or if you are making each a light quilt make it like a sleeping bag with one side having a zipper? Or if you wanted to get real creative make two that each zip separately or zip together to form one bed?

    What about a shade cover for them withgromments and out of black-out material?

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