To Live in Paradise

Dear Ms. Feverfew,

Whew! I survived the 16.5 hour car ride with your little brother and sister and my orange tabby cat named Hobbes. Now we are happily ensconced in our beach house while we wait for our “real” house to be ready for us in a few weeks. Lemme tell you, it’s tough having to wait here, less than a block from the beach that is pictured in the banner at the top of this blog. Fortunately, there’s a private pool here on the property to help wash away the sorrows and travails of staying in a beach house in the land of perpetual summer.

Some of my in-laws came to visit to help keep me company because I would really hate to waste all the space, especially since this place sleeps 18.  My brother-in-law The Samoan, his lovely wife Maryann (who is Mr, Amazing Man’s sister) and their kiddos. There are a bunch of half-blood Samoans running around my place for the next two weeks, tracking sugar white sand through the house. You would fit right in with the crew.

If you are in the area, feel free to drop by. I think you would love your cousins as much as I do.

Much love,


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