Six Degrees or Something Like That

I recently sent an email similar to this letter a day or two ago to a friend. I hope you (and she) don’t mind me reworking it so I can update you on the latest going-ons in my life.

You know how over the past few months I keep discovering connections between you and people currently in my life – like people I have just met within the last two or so years? Here’s the latest one.

A few days ago, I was perusing your sister’s Facebook profile. Don’t worry – it is completely public –  I wasn’t doing anything naughty. (I wonder if she leaves it that way in the hopes that her first mother is searching for her?) I noticed she had added a new friend, a Cute-Blue-Eyed Girl with a Very Unusual Last Name.  I thought, “Hmmm. That’s an unusual last name. I wonder if she is any relation to my friend whose maiden name is that same Very Unusual Last Name.” I knew my friend had grown up all over the world and had most recently been living in strange and exotic places that most of us can’t even find on a map. I mean, what are the chances she would know her, right?  So I sent my friend a quick email asking if she knew a Cute-Blue-Eyed Girl with a Very Unusual Last Name and a charming smile who lived in Utah.

Her response was along the lines of,  I sure do. Cute-Blue-Eyed Girl with a Very Unusual Last Name is my niece. How do you know her?

Uh…………..I was speechless.

I sent her a quick email and said, “I think I need to call you.” Turns out her niece lives with my friend’s mom in Utah. And that you folks have been to her house.

Let me explain two reasons why this made the blood drain from my face and my heart stop beating for a few minutes.

First, I live on a military base – it’s not like any one can decide to move into my neighborhood – we get assigned where we live whether we like it or not. (Fortunately, I LOVE it!!!!).  Two years ago, my friend’s husband was assigned to the base and they ended up being assigned the house across the commons from us.

My house. Not in the middle of the street.

We became fast friends and I was delighted to find out that she was a member of the LDS church as well. Plus, she has this totally awesome Shi Tzu doggy named Kung-Fu, or FuFu for short. I *love* that doggy and keep trying to get him to run away and live with us but he will have none of it. He likes her way better than me for some reason. I just don’t understand it. And she is the most amazing cook! I swear, she kept me alive during my pregnancy with little Penelope as she continually brought over fresh tomatoes and cucumbers drenched in lime juice with a bit of avocado and a sprinkle of sea salt.  But I digress – back to the matter at hand.

Second, last fall I was assigned to visit teach my friend.  The relationship we have built through serving each other in our capacity as Visiting Teachers has only strengthened the friendship we had outside of church. I would consider her to be a good friend of mine, and as such, she knows all about you and the path I have walked these last 18 years as a first mother.

So….from all the places in the world that my husband could have been assigned, we land here. And from all the places in the world they could have been sent, they land 300m away from us.  On top of that, of all 200+ peeps in my ward I could have been asked to visit teach, I was asked to visit teach her.

My friend, who happens to be the aunt of a girl who hangs out regularly with your sister at my friend’s mother’s house in Utah.

I am still a bit weirded out.  I am not trying to manufacture these connections by any stretch of the imagination…they just are. The fact that they just are is even a bit more unsettling, if that makes any kind of sense.

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