Ah, The Logic of 6-year Old

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

So tonight at dinner time, I told the Professor about you. He said, “Do I have another brother too?”

“No, just an older sister who lives with another family.”

“Oh. Can I have some more chicken?”

I am sure he will have more questions later, but all in all, I think things went rather well, don’t you?



4 thoughts on “Ah, The Logic of 6-year Old

    • 🙂 It’s nice that both of the boys know now. I figured if I told him in a more casual setting over a normal family dinner, it wouldn’t feel like it was a big, scary, thing that mommy had to pull him aside for. It was “just” part of our dinner conversation. Like I said, I am sure he will have questions but just as I told my older son when he was the Professors age, I am always willing to talk about it with them and answer any questions they might have, even the hard ones.


  1. It’s bittersweet being able to talk to your children about a child that you didn’t raise. When my youngest son started getting it more asked me did I get any money for her and when I said no. Do you think I should have and he said, ya, she was your baby.

    • (((Hugs))). My older son has started asking a lot of questions lately about her. I think it is driven in part by the fact he has another sister who was adopted (his dad and his step-mother adopted an infant girl about 6 years ago). I guess they send her first mother pictures/letters once a year and her first mother can call “once a year, but I guess she is always too busy to call.” I told him that no, she isn’t too busy, she is mostly likely in too much pain and hurts a lot, just like I do. It gave us an opening to have a pretty frank discussion about the reality of adoption from the other side. Then he asked me, “So if her first mom has other kids like you, does that mean I am their big brother too? Because if she is my sister, then…???”

      *sigh.* Adoption is so freakin’ messy.

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