I Must Apologize

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

I just got off the phone with my slightly insane but totally lovable and harmless mother-in-law.  She told me what she did today.  She’s delightful, adventurous, charming, and audacious but a wee bit nutty (I mean that in the nicest way possible dear MIL! You know how much I love you!!!!). I hope she didn’t totally freak you out when she introduced herself and if she did, I must apologize profusely.

Me…I am left speechless.

She says you are lovely and that you look like me, you sound like me, you talk like me, you smile like me, and when she hugged you, you felt like me. She said it was like meeting an old friend – familiar, warm, and welcoming – because you are so much like me. She said she had to laugh a bit every time she would tell you something about me and you would respond, “That’s just like me!”  Like I said already, we are cut from the same cloth, you and I.

I don’t know what the next chapter of our story is.  Maybe someday sooner than I had expected, we can meet each other and I can introduce you to your brothers and sister. Maybe someday sooner than I had expected, I can look into your eyes once again and see your lovely smile and tell you of my love for you all these years.

Until then, I do love you darling Boo Bear with all the fierceness and loyalty that a mother has for her child.


5 thoughts on “I Must Apologize

  1. Oh my goodness- I am thrilled for you darling. I left you a message on the other site. I will talk to you very soon!

    Much love and belief here too,

    • Thanks for stopping by, Gina! I think you are one of the first people from my “former” life that I have shared this blog with. I still am having a hard time wrapping my head around it all. I knew my MIL was a wee bit daft, but I had no idea she would actually do something like this!

      For the first time in many years, I have no words…


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