The Apple Didn’t Fall Far

screw BYU. – about 8 hours ago via txt

Sigh (a slightly amused, mostly pleased one). The apple didn’t fall far.

No offense to my adopted grandfather who taught there, my husband, my mother, my New and Improved Dad and all my dear friends who went to school there. You could not pay me enough money to attend BYU, even though I grew up in the shadow of that “Y” on those everlasting hills. Well, maybe a couple of million smackaroos would sweeten the pot. I might consider it then, but even then I don’t know….

Nice to know we are of the same opinion on this matter too.


4 thoughts on “The Apple Didn’t Fall Far

  1. hey there! Looks like you’ve had a hard patch lately. Sorry! Hope you are feeling better. Bashing BYU always makes me feel better too!
    They are an easy target to make fun of and it just feels so good…so rebellious!:)

    I was in RS today and we read the creation in Moses. When woman is created Adam says bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh! (I knew that poem at the top of your blog sounded familiar!)..and I thought of you.

    I want to ask you something secret…:) Can I email you? I forget where to find your email.

    • LOL – I don’t intentionally mean to bash on BYU, but it is such an easy target sometimes….I think you know exactly why too. 😉

      My email address is It isn’t my primary one but I will try to be sure to check it if I know someone is trying to get a hold of me. 🙂


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