Marie Osmond Honors Michael’s Birthmother

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

Yesterday, Michael Bryan’s funeral was held in Provo. (This is her at the funeral).

It looks like Marie had the grace and dignity to at least mention Michael’s natural mother during her unplanned address at the funeral:

“I’m proud of my son, and I honor his birthmother who’s here today, who gave me the greatest gift,” Osmond said. “Thank you for those beautiful 18 years.”

Thank you Marie – I know how much courage it took to do draw so much attention to his natural mother within the LDS culture. We are usually the hidden, the forgotten, the left behind in events like these.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Marie Osmond Honors Michael’s Birthmother

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I wondered if his birthmom was going to be able to attend the funeral. Glad to see she was embraced & acknowledged.

    • I am not one that typically (a) cares about celebrities or (b) is terribly nosy about other people’s lives, but I really, really, really wish I knew more about this story. I wish I knew if she was invited to the graveside services as well, if she was included in the family dinner after all the services were over, and about a million other things.

      Because I am an “insider” to the LDS adoption world, I know how narrow-minded the vast majority within the community can be about including a natural parent in significant life events like this. I am pretty certain that if my daughter died, her adoptive parents wouldn’t contact me or acknowledge me in any way, even though they know exactly where & how to find me. I don’t even like thinking about it, but it is the reality of my current situation.


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