On “Life Unexpected”

Ms. Feverfew –

Not sure if you caught the new series “Life Unexpected” over on the CW – the one about Lux, a 16-year old girl who seeks out her birth parents (Kate and Nate) so they can sign her emancipation papers (at least, that is what the first episode was about). I watched it, not necessarily with great anticipation or in search of enlightenment. I watched it more out of curiosity – I guess I just wanted to know how accurately the show depicts what life is like 16+ years after relinquishing a daughter.  After it was over, I surfed a few more channels and then fell into an unsettled sleep, not sure what to think of Life Unexpected.

And then I woke up this morning and knew.

I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought most of the writing was witty, the casting was brilliant, and it will most likely fare well for general audiences.  But for me…I hated the stereotyping: the pregnancy that resulted from a drunken one-night stand between the class president (Kate) and the quarterback (Nate) that took place in the back of a minivan. Nate telling his current girlfriend that he thought  Kate had taken care of “it” while Lux is standing there. Kate telling Lux that she never thought about keeping her instead of relinquishing her. Kate never telling anyone about Lux (including Nate, her father) and just blissfully “went on” with her life, never giving Lux a second thought. The wild, wanton sex between Kate & Nate once they meet again, further reinforcing the birth mother = slut stereotype. The “convenience” of Lux growing up in foster care, thereby tidily sidestepping the issue of adoptive parents.

On the upside, I thought the last scene was wonderful. Still a few too many stereotypical moments for my taste, but tender and moving, nonetheless.

Maybe it will grow on me – after all, this was just one episode and there is only so much that can be done in 42 minutes.  I will give it another chance (maybe), but I am definitely left with a stale, metallic taste in my mouth.

That is all I have to say about that.



4 thoughts on “On “Life Unexpected”

  1. I actually liked the show. The negative points you made I agree with too, but overall I think it showed the danger of giving up a baby. After all, this baby was never adopted and bounced around in foster care. That could happen to any baby that is deemed to be sick or “unadoptable” and sadly the natural mother will most likely never be informed.

    I’ll be wathching to see how the story progresses.

    • You are very correct, Maybe, about the show accurately depicting what happens to babies that are “unadoptable” and that the natural mother is never informed. It reminded me a bit of Loraine’s story over at Birth Mother, First Mother in that she never knew that her daughter had a medical condition (epilepsy).

      *Hopefully* some of those stereotypes will be resolved/dispelled in future episodes. I will watch again simply because the actress they cast as Lux is so darn likable if for no other reason. Gosh, which of us natural mothers doesn’t pray that our children turn out to have half as much verve, intelligence, and determination?

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