Start at page one

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

This video is making the rounds right now in the adoption blogosphere. I just want you to know that I have your original birth certificate here with me, tucked safely away with the three letters I have received from your adoptive family over the past years. I have saved it all this time because you have a right to know your “page one.”

Much love,


P.S. And today’s date isn’t lost on me…only five more months.

4 thoughts on “Start at page one

  1. Isn’t it a beautiful video? I love Darryl and while I watched his search documentary, and I am so very happy he found his mother. I bothers me that no one is listening to us! I want open records for all, including mom’s. We have a right to know where our kids chapter two started!

    • I didn’t know Darryl had a search documentary out there! What it is called? Where can I find it? (Off to do some internet detective work…)

      And yes – the video is beautiful and the song so powerful. I posted it on my facebook account yesterday in honor of human rights for all.

  2. You’re on Facebook? So am I- Mary Provance- I have a tinfoil hat on in my icon friend me chica!

    And if you go to his website you can find the name. I can’t remember it – my brain is fogged!

  3. Dang it – I can’t find you on FB! Well, there are a number of Mary Provance’s on there but none with a foil hat! Do you have a different picture up right now?

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