You’ve Got Mail…a lot of it.

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

You are probably wondering why the sudden increase in letters.

Blame it on your little sister who is dancing on my cervix. Every kick, stretch, sploosh, squiggle, and flop reminds me that I need to get this adoption stuff finally figured out. Before she shows up in May. I am 21 weeks along and I have to have a scheduled c/section at 37 weeks so that really leaves me with 16 weeks to get all of this straight in my head.

Like I said in my letter on December 10, the breathing room I have had in the past 13 years of raising two boys is quickly slipping away. I gotta get this figured out. I have to. For her sake. For yours. For mine.

Consequently, I find myself writing a lot more. It’s like I have to write down my feelings and thoughts in the morning before I can do anything else for the day – this little girl inside of me forces me to face reality. I can’t work on my dissertation,  I can’t  get articles ready for publication, I can’t even do housework, laundry, or eat until I write.

I can’t ignore it any more like I have for the past seventeen years, seven months, and eleven days.

Much love and belief –


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